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  100% Tested Roulette Strategy

- An Exclusive Strategy To Gain Repetitive Winnings At Online Roulette -


Lucky 13 Roulette System is an incredible combination of numbers that makes it one of the best winning systems to beat some online casinos.

Just as the name suggests, the system is based on 13 numbers to play that require 13 chips placed simultanously and that cover exactly a third of the roulette table, including the dangerous zero.  

The numbers on which to bet are indicated in the sequence shown below:

0, 15, 21, 17, 27, 11, 23, 24, 1, 31, 18, 7, 35

The system is played by starting to place a chip on the “0” zero, then followed by the 15, and moving forward by jumping two numbers each time, alternating one red and one black as shown on the roulette wheel picture.

To make this phenomenal combination work even better so to hugely increase the player's  percentage of success up to 98.01%, you should spin the roulette wheel and wait until none of the mentioned numbers have appeared for (3) three consecutive times, and only then start placing your bet.

If you lose, just double your bets until you win.  

This is the reason why it is highly suggested to have sufficient capital so to stand against some unlucky long negative series that, although are quite rare in the casinos where the strategy works best, it can sometimes happen there too. The maximum number of consecutive negative series that can be expected in them is 5 (five) although as already told, that happens quite rarely when playing this system.

It is obvious that there is no guarantee when it comes to gambling, although this system has been positively tested on a personal level by the person writing this.

+ Up to $1.500
Play safe 18+

€500 + 200 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe

€100 + 300 free spins
T&Cs appl​y
No UK Players - 18+ Play safe
By the way, this amazing system must be played exclusively at European or French roulette because these have only one zero, instead of the American roulette that has two zeros.

If it happens that you choose a roulette that requires a bet to make it spin, otherwise it won't work without it, the solution is to place one chip on the red and one on the black or even/odd and there it goes... Of course if the “0” zero comes out, you lose both your chips, but don't worry much about it because you will soon get your money back if you stick to what has been explained here.

Furthermore, if you wish to speed up your bets, you should also know that some online roulette have the “Turbo” option that can be very useful once you have developed enough practice with the system.

To make things easy it is advisable to write on a sheet of paper the 13 numbers to bet, this until you'll reach the stage that you'll probably memorize them in your head.

You also need to know that should you wish to try the system in demo mode, although it's a good idea to do so, whether you win or you lose while at it, such option doesn't correspond to the roulette software behaving the same when playing in real mode!

Because the above system offers great chances of winning at any of the above mentioned casinos, it is highly recommended to not play every day at the same site for the simple reason that casinos don't like winners as much as they like losers... Therefore, to avoid the remote possibility of your account being shut for any non apparent reason, it is much better to bite a little here and a little there and cash your winnings regularly each time you reach around €/$1K (One thousand). That is the best way to behave as a low profile player.

Finally, you need to remember that when gambling with real money you can win and you can lose, but the fact that you have come across this system you'll much probably enjoy a very, very positive roulette gambling experience...

P.S. Do NOT change anything in the system!!!
Practical tips to keep in mind:

  • The game is forbidden to people under 18 years
  • Never play money that you can't afford to lose
  • Do not play only and always at the same online casino, but sign up for more than one and alternate them during the week
  • Register only and always with your real data, without making mistakes, so as to avoid problems when collecting the winnings
  • Don't be greedy in wanting to win a lot in the same casino. Once you win 400/500 €/$ in a two-hour game session, I suggest you stop
  • If you can, try to make a substantial first deposit in order to take advantage of any welcome bonus offered to new customers. By doing this you will play with the casino money first and keep yours safe
  • If you lose a day do not worry about wanting to win back at all costs. Just stop! The following day will certainly be better.


The publisher assumes no responsibility for any use other than educational, regarding the application of the system contained in this site, and does not in any way want to promote gambling addiction. We do not promise and DO NOT guarantee winnings to anyone and therefore no financial guarantees are given. If you decide to apply the information to play for real money, you remain solely responsible for the performance of your account, and by reading what is published here implies acceptance of these terms.

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